LiveMould for Hollow Figures

This type of system implements a patented system applied to the RSC, a rotary machine fitted with special connections for continuous rotation and mould vibration to achieve plain spreading of the chocolate mass.

Hollow bodies can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes such as: eggs, small eggs, Christmas items, Easter items etc. and with special features such as:
– Single or double layer hollow items (e.g. dark chocolate outside and white chocolate inside);
– Hollow items with ground hazelnuts;
– Marbled hollow items.


– Operation: Discontinuous
– Production rate: 4-6-8 moulds per minute
– Mould size: 380×290 for the SC380 system
– Mould size: 600×400 for the SC600 system

Key points

– Modularity
– Rapid format change
– Safety
– Hygienic design
– Accessibility