Tempering Machines

Our tempering machines combine a conveniently designed shape that assures minimal space requirements and easy access to any internal component, and above all excellent chocolate yield, achieving crystallisation by tempering. The machine’s essential components are the multi-section, double-chamber vertical cylinders, in which chocolate is first cooled then heated (tempering stage).

Regardless of the water mains, the tempering machine has a built-in chilling unit and automatic adjustment of the cooling water temperature. The processing cycle is always kept under control thanks to reading the various temperatures by means of probes placed in several points of the cylinders. Tempering is carried out continuously and electronically controlled by PLC, the machine is fitted with a touch screen keypad for entering processing settings and displaying chocolate temperature and flow rate, plus the various recipes used can be saved. The machine is fitted with chocolate conveyance pump.


  • TV125 – 100 kg/hour
  • TV250 – 250 kg/hour
  • TV350 – 350 kg/hour
  • TV500 – 500 kg/hour
  • TV800 – 800 kg/hour